Spring Kit

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Long known for their performance springs, Eibach has been making race vehicles handle better for 50 years. In that time, their products have been on vehicles that have won at disciplines from Formula 1 to Baja.

Tuning suspension is as much an art as science, but that science is as steady as mathematics. Taking known parameters such as weight times force times angles and working out a formula is best left to the experts. Luckily, companies such as Eibach are the experts when it comes to spring rates and how they affect shock performance and therefore the performance of your ride.

Here at STR we work with the customer to understand their specific needs and riding style. We take into consideration of how you ride, how many passengers and the approximate weight you are carrying to design the perfect package that will work for you, your riding style, and your machine. 

We can also powder coat your springs almost any color of your choice to add a unique look to your machine. 

All our Spring Kits are machine specific, Prices will vary depending on the package you choose. 

Packages start at $1,200.00